Elemental Alchemy … For your Fairy Tale Wedding

Inspired by the realm of white magick, the lotus flower, and of beings that reside between worlds… these pieces celebrate the feminine – elegant and graceful but with a twist of something wyld and empowered. The flow of the peacock feather, the shimmer of the dragonfly wing, and the alchemy of all the Elements that make up the natural world… The betwixed in-between state of fully being in this moment, experiencing the beauty, awe and wonder of the ceremonial space you are about to step in to…

Ethically constructed from natural fibres – Flowing raw silks, soft cottons and shimmering organzas.

Fairy Wedding Dress Free Delivery
Fairy Wedding Dress
  • Each dress is created from a range of ‘Elements’ that seamlessly creates the full Gown. Starting with the main dress, various underskirts, petticoats and crinolines synergise this gown. Sleeves or cuffs embellish the arms and a range of different under-bust corsets or waistcoats adorn the torso. Wings can be added and some of the designs incorporate oversized hoods, available in a range of colours – air, earth, fire and water and Aether.
  • These ‘Element’ options are varying to best suit different body types, all designs synch above the waist and skirts flair from the hips for an hourglass look.
  • After your special day your dress can be deconstructed for some magical editions to your wardrobe. Also pieces can be dressed up or down for different aspects of your wedding.
  • Created from layers of rich raw silks, organza and natural fibers, embellished with detachable chains, studs and antique-style buttons, lace, ribbon and animal free leather.
  • Ethically made with love, designed with passion.
  • Made to measure – from clear and easy to follow directions.
  • Free couriered shipping whereever in the world you are.